Zheng Liu

Zheng Liu

GIS Data Analyst / Software Engineer

Zheng Liu is a PhD student in the Department of Geographical Sciences at University of Maryland, College Park. He holds B.S. in Geographical Information Science and B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics from Peking University (2017). As a PhD student, he has worked with Dr. McKenzie on research related to place-based analytics and spatio-temporal data analysis. He was trained in analyzing multiple aspects of Volunteered Geographical Information(VGI) and fostered interest in areas like place-text analysis and spatio-temporal data analysis. While staying at University of Maryland, he will keep exploring the value of VGI big data and human-dimensional GIS. Now he is working with Dr. Leila De Floriani in Spatial big data representation and analysis.


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Research Experience

  • Terrain Tree on Roughness

    Build analysis tools on Terrain Trees. Start with roughness calculation

  • Identify neighborhood name through VGI

    Identify neighborhood boundary through multi-source user-contributed info like Craigslist.

  • Deal Island Project

    Social network survey data cleaning and analysis.

  • GeoWeibo Project

    Used a data-drive method to analyze tourists’ behavior patterns in Beijing with data extracted from the Sina Weibo API in C# environment.Analyzed the temporal and spatial features of data in order to evaluate travel behavior patterns.Demonstrated result tourist district maps on ArcGIS.


  • Peking University

    Zheng did his bachelors at Peking University receiving B.S. in Geographical Information Science and B.S. in Mathematics, with thesis on Study of Extracting Tourist Region Based On Social Media Data.


  • Title to be disclosed when received.
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